Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get the Most Reliable Information for Your Queries


Every buyer or a seller looks for a trusted medium wherein one can get information on company databases. Are you looking for suppliers such as genuine leather accessories India or auto component companies India? There are many companies which work as a bridge between the searchers and the service providers. One such company is SPX India. This company is widely known centre of technical information and matchmaking for supply chain management, industrial subcontracting and partnerships between both the buyers and suppliers.

Located at the heart of capital, the company aims to functionally use the manufacturing capacities of the affiliated enterprises. Right from the time of its inception, the company has been providing valid and qualitative information on Indian automotive components, full shoe, Pune, Chennai and Gurgaon. Each information provided by the company is a mark of quality and legitimacy. You can contact the company SPX India by visiting their website. In addition, they are functionally present across the country in places such as Chennai.

Over the years, SPX India has made a mark of its own in the industry and has been engaged in projects like consolidated project For SME Development in India. This project involved essential factors like Cluster Twinning Component, Investment & Technology Promotion Component and others. Get in touch with SPX India in order to find information on footwear association in Pune, Chennai and Gurgaon. Get going with SPX right away!

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Growing Stature of Indian Automotive Components Industry

From being a small, fragmented industry that supplied only to domestic market, to being one of the competitive suppliers around the globe, the Indian automotive components industry has scaled ever new heights of development. It is not just bulk supply all around the world that mark the Indian industry; high quality auto components that require considerable sophistication are also manufactured in the country for established auto manufacturers like Ford, Honda, Suzuki and many others.


ACMA was formed to promote the Indian auto component industry. Its scope of functions include, promotion of trade, encouraging industries for upgrading technology by making the latest tech available, strive for improving the quality of products, gather information and distribute it to the members, etc.
ACMA has identified several areas of concern in the pathway of auto component companies in India:

  1. Any industry depends on sufficient infrastructure for its success. The industry needs to upgrade its infrastructure to successfully meet the future demands.
  2. Although India has one of the largest pool of skilled manpower, the number of talented person in auto component sector is lesser than the demand. Quality institutions need to be set up to increase the pool of available manpower and also to conduct research.
  3. Most of the industries at present are small or medium scale. These industries should be scaled up to improve production and efficiency.
  4. Access to better technology
  5. One of the major strength of Indian auto component industry is its edge in cost competition. Efforts must be made to maintain this edge to encourage companies to purchase Indian auto component.
Trade policy needs to be constantly revised according to changing global situations.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SPX India facilitates better ways to serve its customers

Association of customers, buyers and suppliers can be well synchronized in ways that benefit the complete business with ease. For this we need to rationalize the supply chain department with the respective activity. By selecting the correct number of suitable suppliers you can easily move on to decide for the strategic consideration of evaluating different supply chain tier levels.

Right from the suppliers of shoe style fashion design India, auto component companies India to those who deal in the best auto parts supplier Chennai, Pune and Gurgaon all can be broken into several different tiers. The first tier of the process helps provides major components to the company. Supply base is strengthened when the company requires only few suppliers for delivery of their complex products. Such rationalization can be seen in auto component companies India and best auto parts supplier Chennai, Pune and Gurgaon.

The effectiveness of minimizing suppliers for an effective supply chain can be reliant on the choices made. Selection of partners depends on whether the company requires the concerned suppliers for their long term growth plans or contracts or not. Since the supply base of the concerned company is directly proportional to its long term prospects of growth, care has to be taken to select those important ones who do not narrow down or limit the company’s networking. Selection should be flexible enough for the company to be able to move forward. Thus, careful thinking and thought out actions can easily work even with stringent criteria when best suppliers become part of the company for a successful business.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Leather never goes out of fashion

My association with happened to be a chance encounter. Interested in buying ei leather for ladies’, men’s, children’s shoes I availed their services by contacting the companies listed in their footwear manufacturing in India list of clientele and got the best deal I could have hoped for. It is my very perception that online trade be done with those who are well-known in their field and are backed by the best of the people in the industry.

As I browsed through the website, I was informed about its enlisting in the Indian Finished Leather Manufacturers and Exporters Association. The reputation earned by the company is enough to make me decide about availing their best services. Also, other reason of my choice is that I was keen on buying supreme quality leather which has aesthetic appeal of its own.

Be it leather apparel or leather shoes, the different styles and designs can always be used to suit ones own dressing choice. Not only has this but the option to choose from varied colors and designs made the online shopping experience a comfortable one. The offers for leather purchase are available as per the customer’s choice and are affordable by every means. No sky high prices and fake offers to fall for, the site is legitimate and all its offers as well. The organization is reputed one, with best of services backed by the Indian shoe federation and other alleged partners in the leather industry.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Demand of Indian Auto Components in International Market

The international automobile market has been growing at a steady pace over the past decade, with buyers and manufacturers supporting each other with equal vigor. But, the astounding numbers of rollbacks and recalls from manufacturers show that many reputed companies, like Volvo, jaguar, Suzuki, VW, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Chrysler and GM, recalling their products due to faulty components.

This has led the carmakers to turn to Indian automotive components manufacturing companies, due to the impeccable reputation and immaculate product lines. The small and medium sized firms that provide their wares to commercial vehicle supplier delhi, pune, gurgaon etc. are well known for adhering to the highest standards while manufacturing the products. This ensures that there are no accidents, with low maintenance requirements due to minimal wear & tear.

The small and medium sized auto component companies India are organized under a scheme of SPX India, a UNIDO backed organization. Under this scheme, all micro, small and medium sized auto part manufacturers of India are listed in a database that can be accessed from the website of the organization free of cost. Further, the individual capacities, location, quality standards, employee strength, machine lists etc. are also listed on the website for the benefit of the organization looking to outsource the job of manufacturing components for the vehicles.

Friday, March 25, 2011

MSMEs utilizing opportunities being offered by SPX INDIA

SPX India

If you own an organization, which manufactures or deals in leather chemicals, auto components or even footwear manufacturing, at the MSME level and want to make it big at the international level, but somehow not manage to do that, then do not worry anymore. What you just need is to get your firm registered with SPX India and get yourself prepared for making it big in the international arena. SPX India, also known as Sub-contracting and Partnership Exchange, is a special program which has been launched by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to make sure that the small scale firms get the required exposure in the international market.

And, it has been less than half a decade since UNIDO started this program in India, and since then there are thousands of companies, whether they are into footwear manufacturing in India, or manufacturing business of Indian automotive components, have got them registered and are utilizing each and every opportunity this program offers. Apart from this, many Indian associations have also partnered with UNIDO to support this program such as Indian Finished Leather Manufacturers and Exporters Association. With the help of SPX INDIA you can easily share your organization’s technical information and get your company promoted at the global level, as with this UNIDO has developed a promotion mechanism for industrial subcontracting between main contractors and sub-contractors.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

UNIDO - SPX, Providing Opportunities To Many Companies

Indian Automotive Components
There are many small and large leather manufacturing and auto component companies India. Out of which, some are well known and established, and some are finding their ways to make their mark in their respective competitive market. However, is not an easy job to establish a reputable company in the leather or auto component industry, because in the past few years every industry has witnessed enormous challenges. But now, establishing a new firm in auto component and leather industry is becoming easier as United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has taken an initiative known as UNIDO - SPX to establish several companies that are into the business of manufacturing of automotive components and leather products.

This above said initiative by UNIDO offers best solutions to conquer manufacturing problems which are being faced today by the manufacturers. SPX, the special program started by UNIDO, works as a platform which consist technical information of automotive and leather companies and the promotion mechanisms for industrial subcontracting between subcontractors and main contractors. It aims to integrate the demand & supply of each company in order to systemize the industrial chain in more effective way. It has been two decades since this special program has started, and till now it has been able to provide much needed support to many Indian automotive components companies, and as well as the ones that are into footwear manufacturing in India.